Student Activities

PNCA’s Student Council provides a forum for Undergraduate students to share information on issues of interest, voice opinions on improvements to student life, and allocate a portion of student fees for activities and clubs.  Student Council meets every week in a town hall format.  All who attend get a vote on budget allocation and a delicious lunch.  As the largest student-run forum on campus, PNCA’s Student Council provides a forum to develop organizational and leadership skills beyond the classroom.

Visiting Artists

The campus is visited by an extraordinary array of internationally acclaimed artists, designers, poets, philosophers, theorist, entrepreneurs and activists. PNCA’s visiting scholars program supports a rich cultural environment on campus for all PNCA students as well as the greater Portland community. Graduate program events and activities are open to the entire campus and generally to the Portland community and are produced and sponsored by the graduate division of the college.

Student Exhibitions

Undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to exhibit their work in the many campus galleries.  The campus community celebrates the creativity of its members through a variety of forums, including the annual Holiday Art Sale and the Undergraduate Juried Show and both the undergraduate and graduate thesis exhibitions. PNCA also opens it doors to the public in joining the entire Pearl District for the First Thursday Art Walk that takes place at the beginning of each Month.

Clubs and Activities

Weekly yoga classes and Life Drawing sessions are free and open to interested PNCA community members. Student-initiated clubs thrive at PNCA, the list is always evolving but, some of the re-occurring and lasting clubs include:

Anime Club

Ceramics Club

Design Club

Friends of Frank Ukulele Society

Intermedia Club


Outdoor Adventure Club

Painting Club

Photo Club

Printmaking Club

Queer Union

Students of Color Coalition

Video Club

Working Artists Club

Yoga with Fawn

Youth Outreach and Art Education Club