-Youth Programs at PNCA-

What does the PNCA Youth Program do?

PNCA Continuing Education offers a comprehensive program of art courses, camps, and summer intensives for children and teens (ages 4-18) including Saturday classes during the fall and spring as well as smARTworks and design.labs, and the Pre-College Studios during the summer. YOUTH CLASSES & CAMPS provide artistic skill building and exploration for students, ages 4-18. Our courses offer a wide variety of media, each providing basic skill and vocabulary. During the fall and spring terms, classes are held on Saturdays. During the summer, classes are one and two week workshops.

h4. “You're not just doing art, but your learning to express yourself in different ways!” - Youth Program Student, age 8 Learn more on the *Youth Program* “Facebook Page”:http://www.facebook.com/#/PncaYouthProgram?ref=nf.

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Youth Program Scholarship Deadlines

WINTER 2016 - SUMMER 2016: *WINTER Classes:* Monday - January 4, 2016 *SPRING Classes:* Friday - March 25, 2016 *SUMMER Camps:* Friday - May 20, 2016 Fill out the <a href=“https://spreadsheets.google.com/a/pnca.edu/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dFZybElGLWk1SGZfeHo0Nm5rYXJCWFE6MQ#gid=0 “Solicitud para becas(Solicitud para becas)”:https://docs.google.com/a/pnca.edu/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEZnZWxkbE9GWERSUVNQYWJQd1lDZ0E6MQ”>Scholarship Form Online!</a>

The *Pre-College Studios Program*, which takes place in the summer of 2016, uses an alternate application process and form. All academic school year classes for Youth and Teens use the Online application form noted above.

Academic Year Programs

The PNCA Youth Program offers a wide range of art and design classes for children and teens throughout the academic year. Our school-year courses serve students between the ages of 4 and 18 years of age. For our younger students, our program is focused around investigative inquiry, play, and exploration of materials and ideas. For older students this emphasis on experimentation and artistic discovery is paired with a focus on deeper conceptualization of ideas and technical rigor. Learn more about our Youth Program's “Academics”:http://pnca.edu/programs/ce/youth/c/academics, “Faculty & Staff”:http://pnca.edu/programs/ce/youth/c/smartfaculty, or visit our classrooms by viewing our online portfolio on “Flickr”:https://www.flickr.com/photos/pnca_youth/.

Summer Programs

PRE-COLLEGE PROGRAM offers workshops through out the year as intensive course for students looking to sharpen their skills and develop a portfolio for college admissions. The Pre-College Program also offers the Summer Studios, a four week college prep for serious students interested in expanding their art training, developing a portfolio, and experiencing an art college environment.

“smARTworks”:http://pnca.edu/programs/ce/youth/c/smartworks are unique summer courses designed specifically for first through eighth grade students who use art as a lens to investigate the world. One-week workshops guide children as they explore project topics and encourage their ideas to take form. Included in smARTworks registration are a camp T-shirt and healthy morning and afternoon snacks. Students have the opportunity to utilize the many resources of the college including professional studios and labs, quality tools and materials, Charles Voorhies Fine Art Library and the Internet. If you would like more information about 2014 smARTworks you can call (503) 821-8903.

“design.labs”:http://pnca.edu/programs/ce/youth/c/designlab is a series of half day workshops that support art and design curriculum for youth teens, ages 12 - 14. design.labs introduces students to key concepts, methods and tools in design, with a focus on the application of design principles and procedures in the development of products, services and the built environment. Students develop projects individually and collaboratively, create models and presentations either by manual construction or in digital form, maintain a design log and engage in discussions about the utility and sustainability of their and their peers’ designs.

Our History

_PNCAs Youth program of art classes for children was founded in 1910. The philosophy of Anna Belle Crocker, the founder of the program, puts art at the center of an enriched life._

The curriculum of the program addresses the continued developmental stages of children and teens. The faculty are practicing fine artists committed to providing a program of excellence in a nurturing, supportive and enriched environment. PNCA awards scholarships to children based on financial need and artistic merit._ Pacific Northwest college of Art thanks the following for their support of the college’s Youth Art Programs: Herbert A. Templeton Foundation, Jackson Foundation and Juan Young Trust (Pre-College Studios).