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Build your skill and understanding of drawing and painting as dynamic mediums in this rigorous studio. Challenge yourself in our traditionally focused course offerings, or experiment with mark making and materials in our more conceptually focused studio offerings. The Drawing and Painting Studio provides an exceptional opportunity for those individuals interested in taking their draftsmanship and material control to the next level.

Students will increase their understanding of wet versus dry media, mixed media integration, surface application and diversity, and color. Students will also learn representational techniques that assist in the rendering of light, texture and proportion.

The Drawing and Painting Studio offers four 1-week courses:
Figure and Form
Perspective – Inside/Out
Mixed Media Painting
Large Format Painting



The highly diverse medium of illustration lends an artist the opportunity not only to tell a story or sell a product, but also for the practitioner utilize a variety of tools and aesthetics to do so. Like PNCA’s undergraduate illustration program, students learn that their drawing skills are one tool among many that are needed to create a visual messages that will that is both powerful and effective.

The Illustration Studio provides an introduction to the verbal/visual relationship of the illustrator’s creative process. Students will gain an understanding how illustration works, how it relates to the contemporary marketplace and the key practitioners of the art form. Self-expression and experimentation are placed within the context of illuminating information through pictures and symbols.

The Illustration Studio offers two 1-week courses:
Concept Design + Illustration
Illustrated Costumed Figure



More so than many fine art mediums, photography has the innate ability to galvanize and immediately move the viewer. The Photography Studio helps students develop a higher-degree of proficiency, and pushes them to engage their audience in a thoughtful manner. The Studio prepares students to communicate with an incredibly powerful medium, and to examine the challenges of photographic expression.

Through 2 courses that stress both the theory and practice of photography, students will acquire technical competency and a basic awareness of the cultural and historical context that shapes their work. Students will work with black and white and color media as well as alternative and hybrid imaging processes.

The Photography Studio offers two 1-week courses:
Narrative Photography
Street vs Studio Photography



Narrative and image are powerful tools to convey captivating stories. Whether through the traditional panels and pages of Stan Lee, the experimental and educational zine-like work of Lynda Barry, or the sparse and often challenging work of Marjane Satrapi, comics have an ability to move people in a way that few other mediums do.

In our Graphic Novel Studio students will experiment with both traditional and experimental comic formats and mediums. With a focus on hand-made pages, students will have the opportunity learn the rules of traditional structure and design. Additionally they will learn how to push the norms of comic practice through the crafting of zines.

The Graphic Novel Studio offers two 1-week courses: Class info:
Comics and Characters
Comics and Zines



Writing can find form in novels, poems and scholarly work, as well as in scripts, graphic novels, performance, and other mediums. The Writing Studio is designed to help young writers find their voice and better understand the medium.

The Studio offers two approaches. One that begins broadly, encouraging the study of a variety of writing forms and exercises, the other, a more focused examination of the tradition and techniques of short story composition. This allows for a developing writer to find his or her own approach. As the studio progresses, students direct content under the guidance of faculty.

The Writing Studio offers two 1-week courses:
Short Stories
Experiments in Writing



The Graphic Design Studio examines the boundaries of traditional graphic design. In this Studio, students build skills in conceptual thinking, technical proficiency and practical application to design solutions that are both engaging and functional. The curriculum encourages design solutions across media.

Students will use digital tools as well as work by hand to create responses that address studio prompts modeled around real world design issues. Through independent and collaborative projects, students will better understand the role of graphic design in contemporary culture, the balance of text and image to and how it affects a design message, and standard design conventions.

The Graphic Design Studio offers two 1-week courses:
Graphic Design – Text and Image
Print Design



Printmaking has a rich history. From its use in the proliferation of text and image to its impact on modern fashion, printmaking offers a wide range of aesthetic approaches and contexts in which to function. Screenprinting, an immediate process, carries a rich serial range and unique possibilities for translating drawn, painted, photographic and digital images into complex explorations of color and composition. Monotype offers a more painterly approach to printmaking. Letterpress draws on the traditions of typesetting and allows for a combination of text and image to enhance meaning.

The Printmaking Studio at PNCA features a professional grade facility. This program immerses students in traditional and contemporary ideas and processes associated with printmaking. Craftsmanship and professional practice in a collaborative environment are also emphasized. Students will use diverse image sources and color applications, while printing on a variety of surfaces.

The Printmaking Studio offers two 1-week courses:
Screenprinting + Monotype
Screenprinting + Letterpress



The Internet is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for artists. A website can act as a vehicle for content, or become a work of art itself. In the Web Design Studio students will be introduced to the fundamentals of creating personal or professional website. Students will learn how to craft an online product that is dynamic and user friendly. Students will explore various content management systems, strategies for designing a website, examine the process for determining the best web solution for their needs and begin work on a personal project of each students’ choice.

Through this studio students will achieve a basic understanding of the language of working with websites, designing and organizing content, basic coding, and will be able to create a site using a content management system.

The Web Design Studio offers two 1-week courses:
Web Tools and Design
Online Portfolio



Explore moving image using a variety of techniques and processes in our Pre-College Animation Studio. Participate in an intensive course of study over two weeks or more. You may choose to study traditional animation processes, or explore digital tools to craft web-ready films.

Students participating in our Animation Studio will engage in research and experimentation while developing their ideas. Students will collaborate with fellow studio members to create animations that focus on craftsmanship, while still allowing for students to take risks and tell a dynamic story.

The animation Studio offers two 2-week courses:
Handmade Animation
Digital Animation

Studio Course Schedule


The PNCA Pre-College Program offers young artists a wide array of Studio disciplines to choose from. Our open format schedule allows for experimentation with various approaches and media, or for an individual to concentrate on a particular skill set such as drawing, painting, animation, or digital media.

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