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The PNCA Pre-College Program offers young artists a wide array of Studio disciplines to choose from. Our open format schedule allows for experimentation with various approaches and media over the course of multiple weeks, or for an individual to concentrate on a particular skill set.

Our full course schedule and class descriptions will be posted December 1, 2014. Read below to learn more abou the Studio options we will be offering in the Summer of 2015.

Drawing Studio


The Drawing Studio allows students to immerse themselves in both the technical and conceptual aspects of drawing. Students with be challenged with demanding technical exercises based in observation as well as and explore more imaginative, conceptual imagery on paper.

Students that participate in the drawing studio will learn to meld ideas and observation. Focused work with the human figure, perspective, still life and imagined content allows for the exploration and the organization of compositions through line, shape, texture, space, light and color. Students participating in the Drawing Studio will enhance their seeing and rendering and create works that may act as effective additions to their college application portfolio.


Fashion Studio


“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” ― Coco Chanel

Students participating in the Pre-College Fashion Studio will explore the process of conceptualizing and designing fashionable and functional objects. Ideation exercises will focus on developing the foundational skills necessary to illustrate a fashion piece, including the role of line, shape, color, pattern, and form. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the texture and range of drape fabrics have, and how to articulate those forms two-deminsionally.

Drawing heavy courses will challenge students to communicate their unique vision through a wearable and function focused visual language all their own.

Pre-College 2011

Graphic Novel & Illustration Studio


The highly diverse medium of illustration lends an artist the opportunity not only to tell a story or sell a product, but also for the practitioner utilize a variety of tools and aesthetics to do so. Like PNCA’s undergraduate illustration program, students learn that their drawing skills are one tool among many that are needed to create a visual messages that is both powerful and effective. The Illustration & Graphic Novel Studio provides an introduction to the verbal/visual relationship of the illustrator’s creative process and the integration of single image and sequential storytelling.

Students will gain an understanding how illustration works, how it relates to the contemporary marketplace and the key practitioners of the art form. Self-expression and experimentation are placed within the context of illuminating information through pictures and symbols.

Through our more Comic focused-illustrative offerings students will experiment with both traditional and experimental comic formats and mediums. With a focus on hand-made pages, students will have the opportunity learn the rules of comic structure and design. Additionally they will learn how to push the norms of comic practice through the crafting of zines

Pre-College Studios 2014

Painting Studio


Build your skill and understanding of painting as dynamic in this rigorous studio. Challenge yourself in our traditionally focused offerings, or experiment with mark making and materials in our more conceptually focused studio offerings. The Painting Studio provides an exceptional opportunity for those individuals interested in taking their draftsmanship and material control to the next level.

Students will increase their understanding of wet media and mixed media integration, surface application and diversity, and color. Students will learn representational techniques that assist in the rendering of light, texture and proportion of observed forms and spaces.

Pre-College Studios 2014

Printmaking Studio


Printmaking has a rich history. From its use in the proliferation of text and image to its impact on modern fashion, printmaking offers a wide range of aesthetic approaches and contexts in which to function. Screenprinting, an immediate process, carries a rich serial range and unique possibilities for translating drawn, painted, photographic and digital images into complex explorations of color and composition.

The Printmaking Studio at PNCA features a professional grade facility. This program immerses students in traditional and contemporary ideas and processes associated with printmaking. Craftsmanship and professional practice in a collaborative environment are also emphasized. Students will use diverse image sources and color applications, while printing on a variety of surfaces.

Pre-College Studios 2014


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