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We appreciate your and your teenager’s interest in our program and we are well aware of your family’s commitment in providing such an exceptional opportunity to your adolescent child. We want you to know that our Pre-College Studios certainly is a rigorous arts education program. However, we care and prepare just as much to see your teenager thrive emotionally and socially in our program. We intend the program experience to push your teenager’s horizon and self-reliance for what she or he envisions as a creative and fulfilling life.

We are proud that many of our program participants in past years successfully pursued an art education at a prestigious college or university. We are equally happy that our program contributed significantly to the college and adult life preparation of those participants who chose an educational and career direction outside of the studio arts.

Our program is central to PNCA’s institutional mission of connecting students to the world through fine art and design education. We bring our campus’s finest efforts and highest aspirations to the preparation for and conduct of this unique program. Please feel free to contact me or anyone on our staff with any questions you may have. You may also call or schedule an appointment to discuss any questions you may have concerning your teenager’s participation program.


Patrick Forster
Director, Continuing Education


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Winter of 2011 CE Youth Program
From CE’s Pre-College Studios 2011

by Sara Kaltwasser

Work from CE Instructorby Sara KaltwasserPNCA BFA 2006

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