Pensole: Application Requirements


Please note that you must choose a track:

  • Footwear
  • Apparel and Accessories
  • Color and Material

Each have their own application requirements.


Submit one hand sketch of an original design in black and white or color. No computer sketching. Multiple views optional.

Example: http://www.pensole.com/#resources


COMPOSITION: Demonstrates ability to clearly and effectively communicate through visual presentation

  • Contact info centered at bottom of board on one line. Font size 12 pt (first and last name, email, academic status.
  • Board Size: 8.5” x 11” (titled page layouts are okay in order of content requested below)
  • Format: PDF or 300 DPI JPG
  • Build a stunning and concise layout that communicates the content requested below.

CONTENT OBJECTIVE: Shows understanding of designing for form, function, and aesthetic

  1. Choose ONE Apparel Category to focus on:
    1. Performance Apparel and/or Bag Accessory 1-2 pieces
    2. Lifestyle Apparel and/or Bag Accessory 1-2 pieces
  2. Identify your Consumer and their specific apparel needs”
    1. Performance example: Joe Smith, outdoor runner living in Boston needs transitional performance running apparel / backpack that is easily converted while he is in motion.
    2. Lifestyle example: Jane Smith, a NYC street fashion reporter, needs a down coat that is fashionable and has a flattering fit while keeping her warm and protected in inclement weather. An equally stylish waterproof bag that holds all of her media would be ideal.
  3. Show the evolution of the product design
    1. Inspiration images
    2. Hand illustrated concepts
    3. Computer flat sketches
    4. Show how color and material properties contribute to the design


MLab, the material resource for PENSOLE, offers a program that brings footwear design to life. Submit an original mood board (one page). Your board visually communicates a mood through choice of colors and composition. Your board demonstrates as well that you can follow instructions and guidelines.

Your board must have the following:

  • COMPOSITION: Contact information must be on the bottom left corner of board; first and last name, email, academic status. Accepted size - 8.5” x 11”. Accepted formatting - PDF or 300 DPI JPG.
  • MATERIAL: Your board communicates unique and innovative material choices from various industries. You express tactility and utilize descriptions of materials used.
  • ORIGINALITY: Showcase your board through creative storytelling and inspiration. Show you are able to present a relevant and original point of view. Example: http://suzette-henry.squarespace.com/cmdivas