Animated Arts


  • Lori Damiano

    Assistant Professor in Animated Arts

    MFA 2004 California Institute of the Arts (Experimental Animation)
    BA 2000 University of California, San Diego (Media Arts: Film/Video)

    Lori Damiano is an independent animator and illustrator. She has done work for a wide range of clients, including Nickelodeon’s Yo Gabba Gabba, Stumptown Coffee, Poler Stuff, The Skateboard Mag and Bonnie Prince Billy. She has also worked with directors: Spike Jonze, Lance Bangs, Davis Guggenheim, and Greg Hunt. She has created character designs and animation for Titmouse Animation Studio, Starburns Industries, and Super Deluxe. She has been commissioned to paint murals in Portland, Laguna Beach, Tokyo, Berkeley, and most recently, Guatemala. She served as the Animation Department Chair at the California State Summer School for the Arts for 9 years, and is on the Resource Council for the Independent Publishing Resource Center. Damiano has exhibited her paintings and screened her films nationally and internationally, including shows at New Image Art in Hollywood, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Fleisher-Ollman in Philadelphia, Mulherin + Pollard in New York City, and The Narrows in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Rose Bond

    Associate Professor, Lead Faculty in Animated Arts

    ROSE BOND, animator and media artist, has been internationally recognized for her monumental, content driven animated installations. Rear projected in multiple windows, her themes are often drawn from the site – existing at the juncture of memory, architecture and public/private space. Her installations have illuminated urban spaces in Portland (2014), Zagreb (2013), Toronto (2011), Exeter UK (2010), Utrecht Netherlands (2008), New York City (2004), and Portland (2002, 2007). Bond’s direct animation films have been presented at major international festivals including: Annecy, Ottawa, Hiroshima, Sundance, New York and are held in the MoMA Film Collection.

    Bond was awarded a 2016 Oregon Media Arts Fellowship and premiered a new multi-channel animated projection for the Oregon Symphony’s performance of Olivier Messiaen’s Turangalilla in December 2016. . She received her MFA in Experimental Filmmaking from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on a Princess Grace Film Graduate Scholarship. Canadian born, Bond is based in Portland Oregon and leads Animated Arts at Pacific Northwest College of Art.

  • Laura Heit

    Assistant Professor in Animated Arts

    Laura Heit employs stop-motion, live-action puppetry, hand drawing, and computer animation in her short films. Her work has screened at museums and film festivals around the world including; Walker Arts center, MOMA, Guggenheim, Anthology Film Archives, Millennium Film Workshop, Annecy, Rotterdam, Taiwan, Ann Arbor, and London International Film Festivals, Black Maria, PBS, and others. She also works in puppetry, experimental theater, and live performance. Her acclaimed puppet-show-in miniature, The Matchbox Shows, in which Heit plays ringmaster to a tiny cabaret, has been touring for over ten years, St. Ann’s Warehouse Brooklyn NY, REDCAT, and Walt Disney Concert Hall Los Angeles, CA. She has been the recipient of awards and grants from; Mac Dowell Colony (2007, and 2009), Channel Four Television London, British Film Council, Durfee Foundation, ARC grant, Jim Henson Foundation, Puppeteers of America, and MTV. She has a BFA in Film from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and an MFA from Royal College of Art, London. From 2007 – 2011 She was co-director of the Experimental Animation Program at Cal Arts in Valencia California.

  • Marilyn Zornado

    Assistant Professor in Animated Arts

    I got started as a graphic designer with a degree from PSU, worked doing graphics for film and video, fell in love with animation, worked at Will Vinton Studios producing animation for clients like the California Raisins, Domino’s Pizza Noid, 3-Musketeers, Sesame Street and the Smithsonian. Traveled to International Animation Festivals, directed and animated independent short animated films, “Insect Poetry,” “Spring Lines,” and “Old-Time Film.” Portland Producer for the PLATFORM International Animation Festival in 2007, BA Graphic Design, MFA in Computer Animation.

  • Teresa Drilling

    Assistant Professor in Animated Arts

  • Emily Myers

    Instructor in Animated Arts

    Weaver of tall tales and armed with all the charm of a small town death. Puppet fabricator by day, comedy writer by night.

    My installations deconstruct animated film techniques to convey story in an unfamiliar form, utilizing stop motion puppets, drawing, and paper sculpture in a physical space. I intend my work to connect with the audience a feeling of what it is like to be human on this planet specifically focusing on moments of isolation and alienation. It is here where I celebrate the human experience and try to find universal beauty in the darker, yet transformative moments of our lives. I will often puncture the boundaries between realistic and internal worlds exploring the effects our collective pasts unconsciously have on our present.