Embedding the development of an evolved practice of creative writing in a school of art and design, the Creative Writing program offers a unique opportunity to explore writing's relationship with contemporary art through interdisciplinary and hybridized forms. 

The major is centered around creative writing studio classes in a variety of genres to build experience with the art of writing. We explore the use of language as a visual medium and incorporate writing into our visual work. We support both experimental writing practices and those focused on contemporary forms of fiction, poetry, and script writing. Innovation, crossing—and at times erasing—creative boundaries, experimentation with forms and media, and a self-determined path sit at the heart of creative writing at PNCA. 



Lead, Creative Writing

Kristin P. Bradshaw works with fragmentation, the tension between immediacy and accessibility in the experience of poetic and visual works, and the state of the word in contemporary visual culture. Her poems have appeared in the New Orleans Review, New American Poetry, Chase Park, and No: a Journal of the Arts. Burning Deck’s release of her first book, Apologies, in October 2014, followed the 2005 chapbook, The Difficult Nature of Contemplation (Percival House).

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