Studio Arts

Studio Arts

Studio Arts has a 100+ year tradition at PNCA with rigorous programs embracing contemporary creative practice and cultural inquiry. The concentrations in Painting + Drawing, Printmaking, and Sculpture have discipline-based curricula that provide a strong platform for building skills and knowledge and offer a wide variety of menu-based electives for individual learning plans. Whether a student’s undergraduate goal might be graduate school, entrepreneurial endeavors, gallery practice, or some hybrid practice, the Studio Arts program can be designed to meet the student’s specific needs.

Through open studio electives Studio Arts students can access a wide variety of courses in other disciplines as well as external studies, either abroad or in the U.S., mobility exchanges, the New York Studio Residency Program, and internships. Professional practice coursework supports students in developing networks, professional skills, contextual writing, and research skills to assist them in reaching the next destination beyond graduation.

Critical thinking and worldview are essential qualities of today’s creative practitioners. Studio Arts offers the synthesis of theory and practice, experiential learning, critical thinking, and a flexible skill base that is essential to adaptability and building a sustainable future. Studio Arts supports student-centered learning with digital tools, studio practice, and critique–based discourse that extends beyond the classroom with visiting artists, gallery visits, and workshops. Students pursue interdisciplinary studies, explore new materials and methods, and benefit from close faculty mentoring and academic advising.


Painting + Drawing


The Chair of the Studio Arts department is Lennie Pitkin.


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