Painting Curriculum

Freshman   Sophomore   Junior   Senior  


Course title Fall Spring
FD101 Visual Elements: 2D 3 *
FD102 Visual Elements Digital Tools * 3
FD105 or 106 Basic Drawing 3 *
FD111 3-D Design 3 *
FD112 Time Arts * 3
** FN100 First Year Seminar (see note below) 1
LA121 Writing in Context 3
LA122 Writing in Context 3
LA125 Exploring Visual Culture 3
Studio Elective 3
TOTAL 15-16 15
*Can be taken Fall or Spring
**FN100 First Year Seminar is required of all freshman with fewer than 30 transfer credits. Revised 3/5/14

Painting + Drawing

Painting + Drawing emphasizes traditional skills and knowledge while exploring innovative ways to engage contemporary practice. You are encouraged to investigate and develop your personal vision, voice, and mode of expression through a tutorial-supported studio practice. Visiting artists, lectures, and critical discourse encourage an awareness and consideration of the broader historical, cultural, and theoretical contexts that inform your work.

Interdisciplinary courses, as well as collaboration and study abroad programs, are recommended and encouraged as elective options. We have embedded professional practice into the core curriculum, which provides you with practical knowledge about grant writing, gallery practice, public presentation, and portfolio development. As a graduate, you will be prepared to continue your education in graduate programs, residencies, or professional practice.