Communication Design Curriculum

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Course title Fall Spring
FD101Visual Elements 2D 3 *
FD102 Visual Elements Digital Tools * 3
FD105-106 Basic Drawing 3
FD111 3-D Design 3 *
FD112 Time Arts * 3
** FN100 First Year Seminar (see note below) 1
LA121 Foundation Writing 3
LA121-122 Writing in Context 3
LA125 Exploring Visual Culture 3
LA225 Perspectives on Society and Culture 3
Studio Elective 3
TOTAL 15-16 15
*Can be taken Fall or Spring
**FN100 First Year Seminar is required of all freshman with fewer than 30 transfer credits.

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Communication Design

Communication Design expands the boundaries of traditional graphic design, rooting you in a crucial understanding of the relationship between medium and message. In this concentration, you learn to draw on both conceptual thinking and practical experience to create provocative, relevant designs. This area of study prepares you for the broadest possibilities and most challenging engagements in today’s creative industries.

The curriculum encourages integrated design solutions across media and fosters the development of research, critical thinking, and creative practice skills while being rooted in communication theory. Through independent and collaborative projects, you acquire the tools for building sustainable communication pathways that connect businesses, technologies, and contemporary culture.

Jim Hill ‘11 presents “The Dead Don’t Die,” the zombie/horrow/western graphic novel he produced for his thesis, which explores the relationship between digital and print media. Photo by Heather Zinger ‘10.