Media Arts

Animated Arts

The Animated Arts concentration within the Media Arts major embraces the hybrid-moving image by combining fine art practice and digital technologies. At a time when the boundaries between live action, animation, painting, photography, illustration, and design are dissolving, an interdisciplinary fine art approach encourages students to reimagine and create frame-based work for multiple contexts.

In addition to learning principles of animation, students can expect to experiment with a variety of media, production methods, and narrative strategies as they produce work for multiple or varied platforms. A history of animated arts will be taught in the context of a broad engagement with both cinema and fine art. Students will engage in research to probe and hone their ideas in a setting that values innovative thinking, risk taking, collaboration, and fine craftsmanship. The curriculum is structured with low walls in order to offer students from diverse disciplines expanded opportunities to pursue their own relationship to the creation of animated art.

Animated Arts Studio Facilities from PNCA - Animated Arts on Vimeo.

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