Current MFA CD Students

Kailey Fry

Kailey Fry is a professional photographer, and a transplant from Denver, with a portfolio that spans the west. As a type-1, insulin-dependent diabetic, she is heavily invested in healthcare reform, patient empowerment, and patient/doctor communication design. She aims to impact healthcare-induced trauma through design strategy, photography and other media to educate and alleviate the anxiety of long-term illness sufferers.

BA 2012 Brooks Institute, Photography

Olivia Guthling

Olivia Güthling is a creative conductor of design projects. A Fulbright Scholar from Berlin, she has traveled throughout Europe, and lived in Istanbul and Nepal, always testing limits.

Her visual, aesthetic and conceptual work includes engagements with design agencies, corporations, musicians, performers, writers and artists. She makes graphic design speak, projects move on, stories unfold, and art transcend boundaries.

BA University of Applied Science – Potsdam, Visual Communication Design

Jake Mcintire

Jake is a designer and urban curator from Ogden, Utah. Fascinated by group / ego interaction, he has cofounded two artist collectives and curated several collaborative exhibitions. He is currently applying concepts of collective identity to urban design strategies and community development. He is an entrepreneur who activates cultural capital to explore the unknown and misunderstood.

BFA, Sculpture, Business Administration (minor), University of Utah

Alicia Navarrette

Alicia is exploring human – environment interaction though research in apparel systems and materials science. She works with apparel companies to design for emerging urban, demographic and environmental trends and markets. Her research, and market analysis for multiple art non-profits, has been published in Portland Business Journal, Oregon Business Magazine and Untitled Magazine.

BA 2009 Portland State University, Art History

Shannon Paine

Shannon is a social designer working at the interface of urban planning, cultural empowerment and front-end software development. As a volunteer for the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) she works on the Steering Committee for Portland Development Commission’s Neighborhood Prosperity Initiative Project known as Jade District, chairing the communications committee.

BA 2013 University of Oregon, Digital Art,
(Minors – Computer Information Technology, Chinese)

Jacob Richardson

Jake Richardson is a freelance designer and photographer specializing in brand identity and collaborative problem solving. He uses research, ideation, visual communication, design thinking and ethnography to approach projects with deep understanding. Jake adapts his expertise and style to many types of businesses. Be it art exhibitions or corporate work, Jake creates dynamic images focusing on geometry and color. His capstone project, MY PDX, is a subjective cartography and photography project, that is not about wayfinding, but an expression of geographical emotion.

Jake received his BFA from Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids, MI, where he later taught Typography II as an adjunct professor.

Jessica Riehl

Jessica is a professional photographer and designer who uses collaborative-based design processes to gain insight and empower change. She employs visual and systems thinking, storytelling, ethnographic research, cameras, sharpies, and Post-it notes. As an entreprenuer, environmental advocate, and former Naval Officer, Jessica brings a unique perspective that informs her design process. Her capston focuses on motherhood and family policy.

M.S. 2013 Johns Hopkins University Environmental Science and Policy
B.S. 2000 Oregon State University Environmental Science

Crystal Rome

What makes change happen?

Crystal Rome is a disruptive designer interested in how decisions and behavior shape the future. Using complexity economics and behavioral psychology, she is investigating innovative market strategies that can shift economic trends to create new possibilities for equitable value exchange. Crystal’s background includes fine art, design, organic farming, and playing accordion in a gypsy bluegrass band.

BA 2008 University of Colorado Anthropology and Classical Archaeology

Melody Rowell

Facilitator. Storyteller. Joke Generator.

Melody is an improviser, facilitator and designer who explores the effectiveness of implementing improvisation methods into the professional environment. Inspired by personal experiences, she employs tool development and storytelling to understand and share the effects of improvisation methods in business. Melody gains insights through creative business practice and use of improvisation, hoping to find leverage points where improvisation methods work best, creating a greater likelihood for professional success. Melody’s learns through participatory design— Translation: Catch Melody performing improvisation at PDX comedy clubs.

Emilie Skytta

Emilie is a Design Logician who synergistically blends her creative pursuits with logic and practicality as a systems thinker, designer, strategist and collaborator.

She is focused on the advancement of healthcare, biomedical technologies and clinical studies through design collaborations. Her current design interventions for pediatric migraine sufferers combine various design methodologies, research practices and transdisciplinary approaches.

BFA 2006 Appalachian State University, Studio Art (Fibers, Printmaking, Metalsmithing).

Jessica Stein

Jessica is an artist and designer whose background includes studies in fine arts, environmental studies, and philosophy. She has worked for a variety of educational organizations, including: The Portland Children’s Museum, The Boys & Girls Club, Foodworks, and currently the Sun School.
As an educational designer, Jessica, is finding new ways to teach and test classic subjects such as math, art, and science. She is currently working with Alpha High School to discover new ways to assess abstract learning. Her work focuses on manifesting philosophical pedagogies in the classroom to better empower students in a modern world.

Peter Tichnell

Sean is a multi-talented artist/designer with a broad range of experience in the fine arts and design, event planning, and social and entrepreneurial collaboration. He believes art can and should be applied to everything people do; not just in aesthetics, but in the fundamental ways in which people use resources, build systems, and interact with the ecosystems in which we exist.

Sean’s goal is to promote design thinking in the creation and practice of more thoughtful, sustainable and socially and environmentally responsible ways of living. He is especially concerned with promoting a transition from current transportation methods to a more sustainable, post-carbon future.


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