The goal of the MA in Critical Studies is to produce creative critical thinkers prepared to address pressing contemporary issues located at the intersection of visual art and critical theory. Graduates of the program develop the research, writing, and communication skills necessary for rigorously investigating forces shaping contemporary cultural production with imagination, creativity, and collaboration.

Critical Inquiry

  • Master critical theory as a creative project of analysis and exposure radically interested in accountability and the material effects of ideas
  • Write clearly and persuasively
  • Approach theory with confidence, flexibility, and well-informed skepticism
  • Think clearly, carefully, and critically

World View

  • Develop an understanding of how critical theory’s questions/concerns/theories influence their own research interests
  • Analyze the material effects of ideas
  • Expose, critique, and transform oppressive ideologies

Professional Practice

  • Demonstrate advanced individual and collaborative abilities to design and complete research projects
  • Develop excellence in qualitative research methodology
  • Communicate ideas effectively in written, oral, and visual forms
  • Develop postgraduate professional practice and collaborative skills
  • Document writing and research projects in a digital portfolio
  • Apply for grants, internships, and fellowships

Research Practice

  • Read, comprehend, and critically analyze texts from a variety of disciplines
  • Complete interdisciplinary research project that is accountable to community stakeholders
  • Reshape academic thesis work for publication so the research is outward facing and relevant to a variety of audiences, while also making a contribution to the field
  • Claim research as a process of critical engagement and creative practice
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