Thesis Faculty

  • Martin French

    Chair of Design Arts, Associate Professor in Illustration, Thesis

  • Linda Kliewer

    Director of BFA Thesis Program, Associate Professor of Intermedia, Video & Sound

  • Linda Wysong

    Chair of Liberal Arts; Associate Professor in Liberal Arts (Art History), BFA Thesis

  • Victor Maldonado

    Assistant Professor in BFA Intermedia, BFA Thesis, MFA Applied Craft & Design; Inclusion Specialist

  • Gordon Barnes

    Assistant Professor in Foundation, Printmaking, BFA Thesis

  • Daniel Glendening

    Assistant Professor in Intermedia, BFA Thesis

  • Laura Hughes

    Assistant Professor in BFA Thesis, MFA Visual Studies, Low-Res MFA Visual Studies

  • Sharita Towne

    Assistant Professor in Intermedia, Video & Sound, BFA Thesis