Rewire your brain in four short years

At PNCA, you don’t just learn your craft—you learn to think creatively. You work one-on-one with artists who challenge you to think in new ways, whether they’re the working professionals who teach your classes, the more than 80 visiting artists who come to our campus each year, or the visionaries you meet while studying abroad.

In small classrooms with a 7:1 student-teacher ratio and in shared creative spaces on campus, you’ll interact and collaborate with fellow students in a wide range of disciplines. And off-campus, you’ll dive into Portland’s vibrant art scene and meet innovative thinkers and makers.

Wherever you go—on campus, in the city, or in the world—PNCA will guide you to the best people and experiences to help you expand your mind, hone your skills, and grow your creative practice.

You can major in Studio Arts, Media Arts, Design Arts, or Liberal Arts, and choose either to pursue deep immersion in a single area of practice or a pathway leading to a more multi-disciplinary practice.



If you’re ready for graduate studies, PNCA’s Hallie Ford School of Graduate Studies offers six programs designed to challenge, support, and launch your career as a creative practitioner and change agent. Dedicated faculty work with small cohorts of students to form a creative community, supported by a robust and diverse visiting artist program and lecture series, top-notch exhibitions, and all the resources of an art and design college.


Atrium in PNCA Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design

PNCA’s new campus is centered on the tree-lined North Park Blocks in downtown Portland in a neighborhood that is home to most of the city’s art galleries with regional, national, and international exhibitions. PNCA’s new Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Center for Art and Design is a historic Federal Building reimagined by award-winning architect Brad Cloepfil. PNCA’s ArtHouse student housing and Museum of Contemporary Craft are both a short walk away through the park.


The rest of the world is finally realizing what we’ve known all along, that Portland is one of the most livable cities in the world with a dynamic and internationally connected art scene. That’s why designers, musicians, and artists continue to move here to find the city’s doors are wide open to new faces and talents.

Portland has amazing coffee, food carts with food from around the world, so many music venues, cheap movies (with pizza!), and the largest new and used bookstore in the country. Getting around is easy. Portland has bike-friendly streets and incredible public transit (bus, streetcar, light-rail).

Portland’s home to dozens of galleries plus non-profit arts institutions like the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Disjecta, and Yale Union, plus the Portland Art Museum and Museum of Contemporary Craft.

The cherry on top of this great city is its immersion in nature. With Mount Hood and the Pacific Ocean each 60 miles in either direction from the city center, the majesty of the Columbia Gorge just half an hour away, the 5,157 acres of Portland’s Forest Park—the largest urban forest in the United States—at the western edge of the city, and the Willamette River running straight through the heart of it all, you’ll be able to get out to the great outdoors any time you want.


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